Blu Room Calgary

Experience the Blu Room , a Patented environment that has the potential to augment one’s state of creative focus and uplift one’s mind, body and spirit.

Blu Room Calgary

What is the Blu Room?

The Blu Room creates a calming atmosphere that insulates you from your every day stresses. Its Patented technology uses UVB light therapy, gentle vibration and soothing sound that can improve your well-being and promote a state of enhanced mind and body relaxation.

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Who Should Use the Blu Room?

The Blu Room is useful for anyone who wants to step out of their daily environment. This patented technology can reduce everyday stress, promote a state of calm relaxation, and immerses users in a soothing atmosphere.

What do Blu Room Users Experience?

Each individual experiences the Blu Room differently — many describe it as being deeply relaxing and uplifting, relieving them of their daily stresses.