How It Works

  • The Blu Room is a Patented technology that creates an atmosphere that insulates the user from the daily environment. It uses UVB light therapy, sound and gentle vibration to promote holistic mind and body relaxation, and reduce stress.
  • Built in an octagon, the Blu Room combines UVB light, gentle vibrations and soothing sound, which creates an environment that can help you relax.
  • The lamps in the Blu Room emit medical, narrowband UVB light. Upon entering, the user lays down and their entire body receives intensive yet gentle UVB light and all of its accompanying wellness effects.
  • Known by some users as a cathedral, the Blu Room is surrounded by glistening, stainless steel mirrors. This “cathedral” stops all outside communication from entering.
  • During the session, the client will also experience sounds and gentle vibration. Sound is a special form of transmission of information and is at the core of all things. It has a stimulation effect on mind and matter. Listening to music can stimulate the imagination in many directions; it may arouse memories of past experience or blast into future potentialities.
  • Some scientists claim that certain frequencies can influence the molecules in our bodies. “Frequencies of vibrating energy are roughly one hundred times more efficient in relaying information with a biological system than physical signals, such as hormones,” says Dr. Colin W. F. of Oxford university.
  • We have applied this principle to the Blu Room’s experiences. The potential for stress reduction and transcendence to deep relaxation begins as a dazzling, radiant atmosphere created around each user.

Check out this video by Blu Room founder, Dr. Matt Martinez: